A Place to Store Your Clutter Problem

Customers looking for storage facilities (like Dollar Storage in Edmond OK) should apprised themselves of the many advantages of do-it-yourself storage (also called DIY- or self-storage). They should also explore the most efficient ways to store items. Below is a list of the many advantages of storage rental. After that are a few tips to keep rental costs down.


Nearly anything can be put into storage at a rental unit. Whether it is a few personal files or the furniture from an entire house, different size storage units can fit any customer’s needs. And it does not just have to be a single customer renting a facility. Storage units are often the best answer for businesses, students, roommates, and even the military. Anything from documents to vehicles can be stored in a unit.

Facilities like best storage units Edmond offer many advantages. The item security is one. Most facilities are locked, guarded, and insulated against weather damage. Facilities also offer safety for people storing and retrieving items. Safety and security mean much more than strong walls and a lock on the unit. Surveillance cameras, bright lighting, a gated perimeter, reduced access after certain hours, even security guards are becoming mainstays in self storage.

Another, perhaps more obvious advantage is space. Self storage frees up space in a customer’s home. Storage also provides space that can be filled with any combination of possessions. This additional space allows customers to reorganize their homes, remove clutter, and simplify their lives. At the same time, customers can rest assured that theft is much less likely at a secure storage facility than it is at a residence.

Careful planning allows the renter to maximize their storage space while keeping cost at a minimum. Organizing, packaging, and skiffing help keep items safe and easy to retrieve. Also, as with most businesses, timing is everything. Customers should consider how long items will be in storage. Many renters offer discounts for longer storage periods. They should also plan ahead and rent only as much space as they will need. Better organization means less space that needs to be rented.

Renters should also consider whether items are moisture- or temperature-sensitive. If they are, customers should rent a climate-controlled unit. To avoid losses due unforeseeable circumstances, renters should purchase insurance. They can find it through most major insurance brokers. However, some facilities, like Dollar Self Storage, offer insurance on their own dollar storage units. Insurance will protect against damage (caused by accidents or weather) and theft. The many advantages of self storage, when implemented with careful planning, give a customer security, protection, and peace of mind.